Friday, December 25, 2009

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men

by Robert L. Gisel

Those spiritual words, Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men, oft repeated characterize virtues we could use a lot more of around the globe.

It takes an abundance of trust and high ability to grant beingness to others, to always embrace the benevolence, generosity and greatness to rise above baser emotions that wear on one and taunt like response.

When you would seem to be egged into a needless confrontation you would be advised to have no fear, look it in the eye, take a deep breath, count to 10, or whatever works for you to not bite when bitten. Yet in the world there are insane enemies sometimes about that need to be rendered ineffective to harm. These are too often themselves the unrevealed culprits the politicos and their mad dog press try to foist off on us.

The men of goodwill, those who pursue life honestly and ethically comprise 80% or more of the entire populace. This is who keeps life tenable and the life force moving forward. The Holiday spirit reaffirms this. The Hope is it will last throughout the year.

May you embrace the causes of Peace and Goodwill and be of such import yourself reaping an abundant and prosperous New Year.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Real Emergency Put in Perspective

by Robert L Gisel

We are told that millions have gotten the Swine Flue. In my area and among my friends there has been no cases to be seen. Not far from this in the same sector there is a situation having severe ramifications.

Medical mistakes, flubs by doctors and medical personnel, account for an alarmingly high number of deaths annually. These 200.000 preventable deaths annually are 5 times the supposed annual flue death rate of "38,000" (actually from pre-existing health conditions) and 1/10 of our total annual US deaths of 2.4 million.

When 1000 deaths occur "from" the Swine Flue the President declares a national emergency. This is a most curious outpoint, a hugely inflated evaluation of importances that sends up red flags.

The press campaign has pushed off on the public the horrors of the Swine Flue, far in excess of the actual intensity of this flue, and even had the hugely inflated numbers of those who will have gotten it well in advance of anyone having the virus. Since the Swine Flue is actually milder than the usual round of flue each winter this smacks of a Big Pharma marketing campaign, with Obama in line for perks.

In contrast, the proposed vaccine is potentially much more dangerous than the Swine Flue itself and is likely to cause more deaths than than the flue it is supposed to cure, all the while having almost no curing effect on the virus.

Since the Swine Flue is actually milder than the usual round of flue each winter and the sale of the flue vaccines is expected to reap millions this smacks of a Big Pharma marketing campaign, with Obama in line for perks. Pandemic? Do they take us for fools?

These deaths by doctors, though, now that's a pandemic. You have 5 times as much chance of being killed by the mistakes of your doctor than of getting and dying from flue complications. Surely that warrants an immediate emergency declare!

The President MUST declare this emergency and follow these measures:

1) All medical personnel are to deliver flubless services.

2) Any verified mistakes causing damages get double penalties.

3) Errors proven to have caused death without the shadow of a doubt are to be charged against the guilty person with a view toward criminal charges.

4) When the total of preventable deaths from medical errors is notably reduced only then is the emergency lifted.

5) Accountability is kept in to further a responsible medical profession.

Manslaughter, as this would be the case, unexpectedly by one's medical personnel, certainly puts a damper of the Right to Life. In whom do we trust?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A People-Speak to Capital Hill

by Robert L. Gisel

No doubt you have heard me saying the voice of even one person will be heard. Here is the voice of one person that will be heard very widely and can't be stopped. She writes "an open letter to our nation's leadership".

The historical rampage of Bush provokes incensed reactions. Now it is seen that Obama is simply continuing his program of destruction of America. As in a rubber band the People can be maligned only so far before they snap back.

There isn't much I would add to or change in this open letter. The immigration point, however, her first point, I would modify significantly. I happen to know of some good family people tragically caught up in the inequity of some bad failures of the INS system.

Around 14 million aliens in the US are caught up out-of-status, most in contributing production for the country, albeit quietly so as to not be noticed. Mass deportation or any other than an amnesty would likely cause more unnecessary destruction and disruption of production than what good is intended. Without a case by case review determining rightness injustices will occur. The numbers in the millions alone may prohibit fairness, thus an amnesty sets the tables straight with the least confusion.

These illegals are not, in the main, the stereotyped picture as forwarded - persons who were smuggled across the border in the night. Most of the illegals have gone out of status on expired visas when they couldn't get out or during circumstances preventing proper handling. A great number of these have been here many, many years and are now an integral part of our economy and social fabric.

The idea that these illegals are all born of human trafficking and illegal smuggling across the country line from Mexico has been falsely promoted to justify erecting the American version of the Berlin Wall lining the border against our neighbors. Is that to keep them out or us in? While there has been much attention and publicity on the illegal trafficking I suspect it is a lessor percentage of the illegals.

The Freedoms of Movement, Right to Public Hearing, Presumption of Innocence, these things apply to peoples no matter what side of the border they are found. America is still an exceptional nation of freedom known as the melting pot where humanity of all walks come together and live in harmony, "with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood' - Article 1 of the Universal Declaration.

But this has almost become a blog post of a different color. President Barack Obama, unfortunately, is a politician and not a humanitarian, and that could cost him his job. The open letter is very sanely put and expresses well the whole gamut of what the People have been objecting to. We are not stupid and we are well aware of what is going on.

And yes, it has reached the point of saying as a whole, "Enough, no more."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ron Paul With Alex Jones Excerpts

In an Interview with Ron Paul by Alex Jones the Swine Flue came under discussion and I have been discussion this so here is exerpts of the interview that talk of that and other subjects of interest to Human Rights pursuance.

Alex Jones: Congressman, when we come back I want to talk about the establishment’s response to the majority of House members now wanting to audit the Fed and the people getting angry. Lloyd Doggett and others went on the news and said it was all staged, all fake. It didn’t matter that I found out my neighbor was there, buying groceries at Randall’s in South Austin where I lived, and went over and started chanting. It didn’t matter if one of my dad’s employees in his dental office was there at the meeting, a Democrat who has sent a letter and that she was mad at him. It didn’t matter that it was real. He just says it’s fake. But everywhere people are saying “No, this just sounds like Marie Antoinette – let them eat cake.”

Ron Paul: Yeah. They’ll wake up soon, I think that this is not going to go away very quickly.

Alex Jones: Absolutely, but we’re going to have to break. We’re going to come back and talk more about this. There they are chanting at Lloyd Doggett. Hundreds and hundreds of people literally chasing him from the building, and he says it’s staged. Well, it’s not staged.

Alex Jones: Well, it’s great to have Ron Paul for a full half hour today with his very busy schedule. I have lot of emails here with questions that listeners want me to ask, so let’s go ahead with the questions. We ended that segment with video and audio of Congressman Lloyd Doggett, a big collectivist, being booed off the stage at a Randall’s grocery store here in Austin.

Now I talked to people that were there and they said “We don’t want this.” He said, “I don’t care what you want, I’m going to do it.” I saw him during the Cap and Trade say “I don’t care if I’m getting 5 to 1 calls against this, I’m going to do it.” That seems to be his call sign. And then the media is acting like it’s un-American and bad that citizens would dare chant at him. Is it un-American to go talk to your politicians?

Ron Paul: Well, when we can’t do that then it’s all over, you know. The first amendment tells you something about petitioning Congress and having some redress. So I would say that if they ever get to the point where they want to enforce that where you can’t call down your elected officials, the ballgame is over. But right now I think there is still enough room, you’re still on the radio, I still speak out, I’m still in Congress. So we have a vehicle and the answer is going to be in can we awaking and alert enough people to become activists and rally the cry for freedom.

Alex Jones: So the control freaks statist are in a race against time. We’re in a race against them. Where would you put our situation as humanity, as an American people? We see a huge awakening taking place. Is the momentum beginning to shift in our direction?

Ron Paul: I don’t think there is any doubt about it. You know, I keep thinking about what our history was like in the 1920s and the 1930s. In the 1920s and the early 1930s everything had already shifted intellectually. But even when Roosevelt ran in 1932 he ran on a conservative platform for the gold standard and balancing the budget and he criticized Hoover for doing all the dumb things. But the intellectual community had already come to the welfare state and socialism and that is of course what Roosevelt responded to. I think it may well be reversed right now. Because now when I go out and talk to colleges and campuses and kids and all, they know what Austrian economics are, and they know about the Federal Reserve. I mean just think of the momentum we have on the Federal Reserve; auditing the Fed. So I would say that underneath the momentum is on our side. But in Washington and the intellectual community are still very statist. So this [...] is very encouraging that we have to translate that eventually into political action. But the contest is on and we have a long way to go yet.

Alex Jones: Congressman, what are the tricks up the sleeve of the establishment? The people don’t want socialized healthcare, they don’t want open borders, they don’t want new wars, they don’t want a private Federal Reserve that’s above the law. But the establishment, it seems, instead of trying to give an olive branch, seems to be entrenching themselves further.

You’re a well read person, I’m sure you’re know Alabama is announcing that they’ll use the regular army as their new police force. New York is asking for federal troops. The marines in California are running DWI checkpoints. CNN and Fox are reporting that the army is going to lock down cities and try to carry out forced inoculations.

Now, they’re trying to announce this, I’m not saying they’re going to get away with it. But they’re certainly saying it. Martial law was threatened against Congress last year if they didn’t give in to the bankers. Clearly it appears NORTHCOM is a receivership arm now for the off-shore corporations that are trying to assimilate or absorb the United States.

Your comments on the swine flu, the hype, the fear? It’s killed less than 200 people in the U.S. and the regular flu kills 37,000 the CDC says, but they’re saying the end of liberty, the end of freedom, forced inoculations because of a couple hundred dead. Is this an excuse for federal expansion of power?

Ron Paul: Yeah, it is pure propaganda. You know, to get us involved overseas they use war propaganda, that somebody is going to attack us with a nuclear weapon if we don’t go in and invade other countries. The same way they scare people domestically. Most people don’t know what you just said that tens of thousands of people die from flu every year. And now we have a couple of hundred and they want us to just sacrifice our choices and just say, “Oh okay, if you tell us we need a shot, we’ll do it.” But there will come a time when there’ll be enough of us who would just raise cane.

But the other thing that is happening is the government is running out of money. There’s a limit, you know. They can have a lot of war propaganda but if they don’t have any money and can’t have these wars, the empire ends. The same way domestically, that’s what people should be prepared for bad times and survival reasons and know how to take care of themselves, know something about personal healthcare. And there probably will always be an underground economy regardless of how bad it gets, which means there will be… even in the Soviet system the people who were in the know-how always ended up with a private doctor, but let’s hope it never gets that bad. That’s the whole thing, that’s what we work so hard to try to prevent. But when you hear these stories about the use of force, the use of martial law and the tremendous invasion of our privacy, that to me is scary that nothing is private anymore. Everything in the government is secret, and your privacy is non-existent; that is what the real problem is. We need to reverse that sentiment.

Alex Jones: Well Congressman, you are a medical doctor, and I’ve pulled up your quotes from the 1970s when you came out and said, we had a few deaths at a military base… that by the way was triggered after the inoculations… and then thousands died, tens of thousands got sick from the swine flu vaccine itself. You were proven right then.

How did you know it was a fraud in 1976, 1977? And I know you’ve spoken out against it today. Can you specifically give us your take on where it’s going, because from my research it looks like Obama is going to use fear over this flu as a political smokescreen and as kind of a false flag to control a crisis so government can grandstand as our savior to push through the carbon tax in the Senate, to push through the amnesty, the gun control, the socialized healthcare. That’s why you now see Pelosi and others saying “We’re going to try this in October.” I mean, do you compare that that looks like how this is triangulating, or give us your expert opinion.

Ron Paul: It’s hard to say, but I think yes, there will definitely be some votes in September and October for them to bring this up. But on the inoculations, the main reason I was skeptical even in 1976 was that I don’t like the mass treatment of people; it was just bad medicine. That doesn’t mean that I have an attitude that inoculations are never good. As a matter of fact, I think polio was truly eradicated by inoculations, as well as smallpox.

But the questions is, should government be making massive decisions? Under the Constitution there is not supposed to be any government involvement at all. But government is in it. I remember that vote in the 1976; it was interesting because there were two of us who voted against it, and the other one was Dr. Larry McDonald. I’m sure you remember that name. He and I were the only two; I think there were three physicians in the Congress, but the two of us as physicians voted against it believing it was bad medicine.

Alex Jones: I would ask you, Congressman, please don’t take any flights from Alaska to South Korea.

Ron Paul: No, I don’t plan to do that.

Alex Jones: Well, I think there would be a revolt in this country if they did to you what they did to McDonald.

Ron Paul: We will continue the fight; there is no doubt about that. But the momentum is on our side, you know, people have warned me all about taking on the Federal Reserve. But the momentum is building. You know, we worry about how much pressure they have and how much authority they have. But because we’ve done our grassroots work, we’ve gotten the large majority of members of Congress to support our auditing bill. And that didn’t come from me persuading the Congressmen; that came from exactly what’s going on at these townhall meetings and the people being upset. And this way I think we harness the energy in the correct way and say “Look, there is a problem there and one of the problems is that they don’t tell us what they’re doing and here we have this secret organization that prints money, spends money outside the budget.” And people have responded and that’s why we have these 282 members of Congress, and I suspect we’re going to get more. Once we get to 290 or 300… around that area… which means we will have two-thirds of the vote, I think that’s the time I’m going to really start putting pressure on the leadership to bring this up. So far they’re indicating that they’ll bring the bill up in a mixture of other bills. But they might get bogged down so I think after we go back you may be hearing some announcements on where we want to direct our energies because we have such great momentum on the issue.

Alex Jones: And then if the Senate tries to block it with a procedure, that is going to be political suicide, isn’t it? Because in polls over 75% of Americans want to audit or abolish the Fed, that will only “Say what are you hiding, why can’t we look at what you’re doing?.” I mean did you see Bernanke… obviously you did… sputtering and bubbling around on PBS in Kansas City about why no one can see the books? I mean he looked like Sylvester caught with tweety bird feathers sticking out of his mouth.

Ron Paul: You know, what I’m suspecting, and we’ll see if I’m right about this suspicion, is that I think eventually they’re going to use national security as an excuse to keep the books closed. You know a lot of time what the CIA does is they say, “Oh, national security, you’re not allowed to know this. You can’t try this person for national security.” Because they do use funds to get involved in foreign affairs because they can make deals with other governments, other central banks, international financial organizations. And that’s the kind of stuff that they don’t want us to know about. So if there are some really big deals going on that they don’t want us to know about, we’ll see if they start talking about “Well, some of this stuff you guys shouldn’t know because that might undermine our national security.”

Alex Jones: Okay, Congressman, we got about 12 minutes left. I want to move quickly now through a whole host of questions. [...] Congressman, specifically on the economy, they told us three years ago we weren’t in a recession, and then two years later they admitted we’ve been in one for over a year. Then they said over a year ago they see “green shoots.” Now they’re saying again the economy is wonderful, we’ve turned a corner when every major indicator of joblessness and you name it, is getting worse and worse. Anybody on Main Street knows we’re in trouble. Maybe it’s good for bankers getting million dollar bonuses. What do you, as an economist, as a doctor, as a Congressman, what do you see happening? What is the data you’re seeing? Is this just more political hype to stall the imploding poll numbers of Barack Obama?

Ron Paul: Yeah, I think so. And the one group that is doing quite well is that Goldman Sachs group. Their business is booming and their profits are booming and they have lived off the government. But I think you’ll see little blips upwards and maybe they announce on the news, but it’s all propaganda. “Well, housing is doing so much better because it didn’t go down quite as quickly as last time.” – “Instead of losing 700,00

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Boy in the Balloon - Famous or Notorious?

by Robert L. Gisel

The boy in the balloon, if nothing else, is now famous, thanks to an otherwise bored bunch of reporters.

Would hate to be the council on this one. Soon the prosecutors will have it up mayhem charges. He's a terrorist for sure, right?

Interesting deal though. How would one defend a PR stunt in Freedom of Expression or Article 1 of the UN bill of Rights, that is viewed by the Sheriff as a convoluted hoax? Is this crying fire! in a theatre as a joke that stampeded the crowd on a false report? Or is it not, where no no one was hurt or any physical damage caused? Expenses, yes. Practical joke or felony fraud? What do you think? Maybe this keeps him the Sheriff from getting bored in Larimer County.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden comes across in the news report as a real redneck, doing his job as a pugilistic antagonist, lending all the makings for a great screenplay.

"The sheriff said he expected to recommend charges of conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false report to authorities and attempting to influence a public servant. Federal charges were also possible.

The most serious charges are felonies and carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison and a $500,000 fine. Alderden said they would be seeking restitution for the costs, though he didn't have an estimate"

The Sheriff was dissatisfied with the original misdemeanor charges and has to dig deep for some felony charges. How did he get email conversations with the alleged co-conspirator, by the way? Sounds illegal.

Clearly the boy in the balloon incident is a case of "I shot the Sheriff; I did not shoot the Deputy."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Swine Flue Protest Takes to the Streets

by Robert L. Gisel

Can you blame educated health care workers for refusing an untested vaccine shot containing elements that are known to cause severe health issues? Threatening them with being fired should they refuse the vaccination didn't go over too well.

The complaint is one of violation of rights accompanied by full blown protest march with statements like, "this is still America." At least the press is running it and at least they have gotten the message straight.

Among the latest potential side effects to come to light is the possibility of irreversible infertility in both sexes, all age groups, and some deaths in children. The Swine Flue actually turns out to be rather mid and any deaths connected are attributable to some other pre-existing condition of a sometimes fatal nature. Using a potentially deadly serum to treat a non-lethal disease is entirely reverse of the Hippocratic oath.

Refusing the dangerous vaccination is a matter of self defense. Threatening to take away someones job for that defensive action is a violation of human rights for sure. Defending the stance with the Rights to Public Assembly and Freedom of Speech is only appropriate. I'm sorry I missed the march. Let me know when is the next one.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This Day In Freedom

by Robert L Gisel

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” - Thomas Jefferson

It's 9/11 today, 8 years since that devastating event that shocked the world. My heart goes out to those who needlessly died that day.

History sometimes repeats itself and the message isn't always easy to take.
Some sort of Machiavellian power politics seems to make it "politically correct" to deceive the public with a cover up of obvious criminal activity and get away with it entirely. Among the most notable of these have been the JFK assassination and the destruction of the Twin Towers.

We saw when Warren Commission tried to force off on the people a "lone assassin theory" and give singular credit to Lee Harvey Oswald. This is bogus, no matter how many were assassinated to protect the lie.

Today we're fed the press line that the 3 towers were downed miraculously by 2 airplanes and the "lone assassin theory" being
Osama Ben Laden and his Al-Qaeda terrorists. That our country is currently embroiled in two wars over this secret collusion is now spilled milk.

Some bad guys seem to have gotten away with murder. The ex-President is in therapy and you won't hear from him for some time to come. The new President has had to dance with damage control but mostly diverts attention to Health Care. After the astonishing run at criminality of the last administration the public are now led to speculating about Obama with all manner of distrustful accusations.

The real criminals get caught up in the end or make crazy mistakes to reveal their true nature. OJ was sentenced more for the murder than the robbery as it was too hokey to "get away with murder", all the while in scurrilous hiding behind the power of celebrity.

Meanwhile the central banking group, who would hope to control everything financial, has been busy behind the scenes crashing the economy as part of a greater plan. Now that Obama has signed away control of our countries monies to the Bank for International Settlements, and more, with the Basil II agreement (2 April, 2009), this doesn't speak well for our new President.

Nevertheless, with all that has transpired and with all the threats to freedom and human rights, the best answer is still the constitutional government of the United States with it's built-in system of checks and balances. We the People can still tell our legislators our disagreements and effect a majority outcome on the Congressional vote.

Not that it isn't a deadly game, as this day in history remembers on September 11, 2001. Over 3000 died, twice as many were injured, not to mention the many killed in the wars justified by 911.

Back in June 1963 JFK signed into action an Executive Order 10101 to allow the US Government to print it's own money bypassing the Federal Reserve. 5 months later he was assassinated on behalf of the Rothschilds, who have a history of assassination of US Presidents to keep a central bank in place. Our history is loaded with stories of devious and destructive Machiavellian activity to forward the super-rich's personal gain.

There are checks and balances to that as well. The neo-cons brag about how much they can do to the People
and get away with because the People let them. Only broad scale complacency, indifference, and majority silence makes that possible. Also blindness, as in the refusal to confront evil.

The climate of freedom in America is deteriorating. The handling is to speak out on any channels one has. Get involved. Run for election, or at least write to your Congressmen and let them know where you stand on the issues that matter. Personal communication from enough people does get their attention as their job depends on your vote. You only have to have the courage to say what you observe. It's your country and planet.

And keep up the faith: American is still the freest country on earth. That we can exercise our Freedom of Speech keeps it so.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Right to Eat Natural Is Under Attack

by Robert L. Gisel

Here's a new one, our government wants to take away, in one fell swoop, our rights and freedoms to eat the foods we want to.

The HR 2749, passed through the House in a rushed and quiet move, will effectively destroy organic, natural and home farming foods industry in America and set up the FDA with the over-the-top enforcement powers to institutionalize all our foods.

A petition is being circulated by the Natural Foods Foundation to keep the Senate from passing the bill and I encourage you to sign it and forward the link to as many others as you can. We only have the 3 weeks of their recess to make a point with the Senators, assuming no special session is called.

Look at this scenario painted by the Natural Solutions Foundation as to the inevitable outcome of the so called Food Safety Act if passed as is stands:

"Example: imagine Joel Salatin's wonderful organic farm under the direction of the USDA, with detailed instructions on what he must feed and when, how he must medically "treat" his animals and with what, what he must "spray" and when, ... you get the picture. These bills will industrialize all farms and insure the farmers are forced to buy chemicals and drugs. Organic is dead. As well as human control over the food supply. As well as health."

The bill as written would harass to death all the smaller farms, particularly the ones that provide foods that don't poison us, by a bureaucratic regulatory enforcement nightmare with huge fines and jail terms for misdemeanor infractions of new fascist (rule by government force) rules.

Contemporary times and past history tell us that any bill being quietly rushed through Congress, so fast it is assured it hasn't even been read by the Congressmen is destined to wreak dire effects and perpetrate an ominous purpose. E.g., the PATRIOTS ACT and The Federal Reserve Act to note a couple of the most famous of such events.

Just as the financial crisis was engineered deliberately from the top to force an acceptance of the control of all world's finances by the private central bankers this you can be assured HR 2749 has a secret agenda attached to it. What that is has yet to be seen, but it may very well have something to do with the FEMA camps.

Remember that the tomato salmonella scare was completely false; that the were any actual cases of salmonella is questionable but for sure, by their own admission, FDA pulled tons of tomatoes off the shelves when they were arbitrarily declared the source. Later they said maybe it was the jalapenos instead. It was genuine incompetence or intentional destruction, take your pick.

Same with the swine flu "epidemic". Does anyone know any single person who actually had swine flue? Now FDA wants to force all Americans top get the (untested) swine flue vaccinations. It was just an operation run by the FDA all along.

Their plan could roll out like this:

1) Destroy the pesky organic, natural foods and home farmers, by concerted bureaucratic encumbrances and harassment,

2) Deepen the economic crisis by putting another sector out of business while manufacturing criminal charges against organic foods farmers,

3) Use the false premises to gain full control by the FDA of all food industry production making all producers produce the same, with overwhelming penalties if they don't,

4) FDA issues some false epidemic scare such as the salmonella or Swine Flu scare,

5) In an alarmist flurry of false media publicity proclaiming a raging epidemic Big Pharma gets rich on bogus flue shots,

6) Claims of public panic result in activating the FEMA acts and martial law,

7) With the FEMA Act invoked whole populations (dissenters) get rounded up "for public safety" and are interned in the FEMA (concentration) camps.

You can use your imagination after that but walk with your eyes wide open. The sequence from this in Nazi Germany legalized euthanasia followed by genocide. A number of the FEMA camps do have large ovens set up utilizable as crematories.

Whether my fears in 1-7 are justified this is for sure, the Senate must not pass HR 2749 Food Safety Act as written so we do not end up with no choices but food bad enough to choke a horse.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Independence Day Prompts a Review of Freedom

by Robert L.Gisel

On this Independence Day one reflects on what's it all for; when not busy sipping beers at the barbecue what message is there to celebrate. The 4th of July came and went, albeit with a weak show of fireworks, evidencing that expensive fireworks were evidently pared down by a tough economy and, it would seem, a less enthusiastic America.

Ailing economy born of real economic abuses, challenges to our civil rights advanced by the past President bent on what could he get away with, his carnage left for the next President to patch up the wounds, these and other contemporary controversies leave one to wonder, are we making it? Various drastic changes over the last 3 centuries in our nation's benchmarks are perhaps not justified by proclaiming these to be mere advancements out of the experience of a nation moving past it's adolescence.

Loyal or not to whence they came, the migrants to America were set on living free of oppression and finding new opportunities to break into more desirable social standing. Freedom, rights, enterprise and lots of space were the draw. The American Revolution only accentuated the pride and integrity of a civilization alive with passion for life. The first outbreak of war was met with the Minutemen, volunteers who grabbed their guns from the hearth in their homes, became instant soldiers in defense of a lifestyle better than any up to that time. A free nation had to be fought for; it wasn't simply granted to us willingly by despots.

We see this fighting spirit in the volunteers that form our Armed Forces to stand watch for freedom around the world today. This patriotic turnout, in calls for support for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, is still very much appreciated and understood as important to the sovereignty of our nation. This has been the general air during each of wars we have engaged in in the past. The only difference is the growth, the numbers of population and 50 states preclude hiking with rifle from one's house to the war confrontation. The preemptive wars initiated by a President gone mad with power, however, punctuates the challenges of shielding the People from despotic government action. Thus we have the Bill of Rights.

The issues we have with our government today aren't principally any different from issues that have arisen other times in our history. The Patriots Act with its encroachment on human rights is, in the main, actually milder than the 1917 sedition and alien acts that were introduced in Woodrow Wilson's administration, where the nation was besieged by the invasion of Privacy by an army of civilian domestic intelligence and surveillance groups. Earlier in John Adam's presidency his Alien and Sedition Acts were one of the newborn nation's first challenges of the torch for freedom. Subsequent countering of the messages in the Constitution and Bill of Rights from the John D. Rockefeller and other administrations have demonstrated the necessity for watchdogs of rights and freedoms that speak out against dangerous changes that would usurp our rights and freedoms.

Several challenges have occurred, though, that have been new in the cultural progression which strikes a cautious note. Of late the boldness of the President Bush toying with the American People was taken to new heights. His bent was to test, in some weird Machiavellian conceptualization, just how much abuse the People would take and how much he could get away with in the way of greed and covert criminal action. No doubt Obama was brought in to calm everyone down after Bush's excesses, but possibly just so that more abuses could be again injected. The jury is still out on that one.

Another major change has been the extent of drug abuse that has swept society. Psychedelic drugs impair individuals with an irresponsible drug personality that lessens reach and ambition. Truth be known about the human mind, the so-called "mind altering drugs" factually submerge the creativity necessary to beneficent growth and advancement of a culture. The downside to that is a breakdown of human values and morale fiber.

The incept of psychiatry has been another major change in our society. This one stands above them all as genuinely and broadly destructive. No doubt about it it has been more harmful than it has been of help. The 70s drug culture itself was a product of psychiatry, who gave us LSD as well as the false datums that came with the free love and careless pursuit of mind altering addictions. Fomenting false data and twisted truths the conscious path of psychiatry has been to break down concepts of right and wrong, saying these concepts don't exist, while at the same time claiming this to be the test of sanity, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. We bought into it, bowled over by the thrill of drugs and the excitement of permissive sex.

Psychiatry in society has been a most insidious addition due to it's covert actions and intentional hidden influence. Genocide and it's precursor abortion, segregation, racial discrimination, street drugs addiction and narcotic, psychotropic drugging of children, pregnant women and elderly all have psychiatric source, complete with names and places. These have been movements deliberately initiated by psychiatrists or the psychiatric associations such as the APA who, with a false smile on their faces, will tell you how good it is for you.

Vigilance for Freedom requires a high confront of evil, a strong ability to sanely observe and question. Abrogation of Freedoms and Right is rarely successful in the absence of deceit and deception. The Freedom Fighters that have the courage to stand up for the good of all are greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flag in Protest - OK or Not?

By Robert L. Gisel

One man using the American flag upside flown down sparked confusion over the proprietary use of the Freedoms of Speech and Expression in such a quiet protest. Using the timing of the 4th of July Parade to bring a heighten social conscience regarding the refusal to grant his newly established Italian restaurant a liquor license is the catalyst of controversy.

Those thinking it simply a sign of disrespect have have lost touch with heritage in not knowing that the flag flown upside down is a universal distress signal. The man's livelihood and $200.000 on the line, being threatened by government interference, is understandably distressing. The blatant rights violation by the Police in this matter only emphasise the point; ignorance that trammels rights only requires even more protest. In this case, it appears, also a civil rights lawsuit.

It is a text book Public Relations response to use protest PR when normal channels break down and won't function. Fortunately we have a free and democratic nation where speaking one's mind is still permissible. In fact, this will remain so only as long as free and cogent discourse is considered a part of the fabric of freedom.

When the Flag, disposition of, becomes more important that the life of individuals the message of Rights and Freedoms, of which the Flag is only a symbol, has been submerged in ignorance. Perhaps scores of peoples signalling their own personal distresses around the nation would unite the nation in a greater social consciousness.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Equal Justice for All

by Robert L. Gisel

 The Equal Justice for All aspect of Human Rights falls a cropper when one doesn't know what one's rights are in any given situation but also when one doesn't have easy access to the legal system. This is even included in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights as Articles 6 through 11* all address protections and access to legal jurisprudence. So what's the problem?

 Problems arise when one is unable to be individually represented.

 This comes about in the main when one does not have access to his own attorney as it is simply unaffordable. To the very wealthy in North America, about 10% of the populace, affordability is no issue. On the other end of the spectrum is Public Assistance available to only about 10% of the populace, albeit possibly pot-luck service. In between is the 80% who very possibly can't afford the high cost of representation, who would have to think of the pocketbook before calling an attorney. This is especially so where one is anticipating civil action, mounting court costs and trial procedures in the US, the most litigious society on earth.

 It is not simply a dispensable luxury item to have and use an attorney. It is an essential aspect in the flow of production and day to day living. Factually, organization of one's personal life is not complete without one's Legal Department in with a freely accessible legal liaison.

 Random circumstances arise as various as are people. The bad economy can predicate desperate and ill advised solutions that can spill over into one's life. A mistaken identity or one willfully stolen by the rampant identity theft criminals can be disastrous when it strikes home.

 Just as one doesn't predict having to go to the doctor for an emergency or to a dentist for a tooth gone wild one doesn't have prediction of life situations needing professional legal assistance. A lot more security comes from having a top-notch firm you can call at any time, one you trust rather than one picked by survey of the yellow pages.

 This was never real to me until access was attained easily and affordably through Prepaid Legal. It's so amazingly economical it is at first seemingly unbelievable. You don't know what you have been missing until you start really using an attorney for any legal questions you have, large or small. One should apprise oneself of the many and varied times when his can save oneself undue travail and unnecessary costs.

 Surprisingly, there is only one company that provides this access and this is the NYSE company Prepaid Legal, Inc. Unlimited calls on any legal matters, scores of hours of court time, letters and document reviews and attorneys on call 24/7 are among the benefits provided. Anything not covered, e.g., a DUI, is provided at a 25% reduction in costs. Offered for the price of a daily cup of coffee.

 The service is available here through this website for anyone would take advantage of this opportunity. It would certainly further the cause of Equal Justice for All if you would.

* Articles 6 through 11 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights in full:

Article 6. Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

Article 7. All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Article 8. Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.

Article 9. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Article 10. Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

Article 11. (1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

(2) No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offence, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed.


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What to do With Gitmo

by Robert L. Gisel

(This blog is dedicated to resolutions in man's inhumanity to man, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as not simply a pronunciation of the UN but as a powerful tool to resolve differences between and within all nations, to create a new era of compassionate and effective international diplomacy.)

The new President has been left the burden of what to do now about the Guantanamo Bay Terrorist Detainees. It was a false and unworkable solution from it's outset, so trying to put it to rights now is difficult and complicated, to say the least.

On the international scene the handling of violations of the Geneva Convention and the handling of war criminals and crimes against humanity is the province of the Hague and the United Nations. In 2002 the UN further set up extended justice handling with its International Criminal Court.

At home we have our Judicial System for prosecuting common criminals, whether it be Murder One, serial murderers, mass murderers or mob executions. Regardless of the atrocity of a crime, the system works to the degree it is kept honest, doesn't trammel individual rights and is swift justice. Continued departures from fair and just treatment sends tremors across the land that will fester to one day erupt in civil rebellion.

The statements of Bush regarding the need to protect American soil and citizens overshadowed his unverbalized statement that the UN didn't provide the protection. At the same time he withdrew faith and was undermining confidence in the UN, withholding cooperation and support. Espousing claims of ineffectiveness while doing the things that seriously hamper effectiveness is a poor show.

Gitmo was an attempt to establish a new category, "terrorist", with a side-pocket for handling these as unlawful enemy combatants. As such it has been more unworkable than pragmatic. It was, in effect, the establishment of war concentration camps where there was no declared war and the not-uniformed "prisoners of war" are not even clearly guilty of the accusations.

The use of torture and other Geneva Convention violations crosses over into acts that could be criminally prosecuted as sure as the criminal acts of the detainees. Without a doubt this has compromised the US image in the world and plagues the jurisprudence required to resolve the situation terminatedly. The proponents of Gitmo are now forced to attempt to save face and prevent accusations against themselves.

After nearly 8 years of containment, without the usual rights granted, no legal representation, no fair and swift trial nor due process, the remaining detainees fall between the chairs, possibly evil perpetrators, but nevertheless victims of an unusual and unworkable solution. This so far compromises a fair judicial handling that to attempt to try them in the courts of the Land of the Free now is doomed to failure.

One suspects that there was no substantial case against most of the detainees to begin with, or any potential evidence has been withheld by the intelligence agencies to guard state secrets and not compromise covert operatives. In truth, the purpose of Intelligence is not singularly covert operations, with its tools of delay, deception, detection and counter-espionage. It should be able to document and present evidence for actual prosecutions without jeopardizing the operations networks. Even if it involves playing a "Deep Throat" role to feed information that can be substantiated by an Attorney General or Criminal Investigator, justice can enacted. Hard evidence is still the determining factor, not belief or planted falsehoods.

The Gitmo scene is too long divergent from decency to afford a positive press, hoping to glorify this as a PR or diplomatic statement against our enemies in terrorist groups or the sympathetic sovereign ties. It's only bad press. The world is listening and watching.

Where there is sufficient evidence to try any of the remaining detainees this should done, but not by the US Court System. It should be done as a UN action by their International Criminal Court. The virtue of allowing the UN to mediate would restore some degree of the national symbolism embodied by the Statue of Liberty.

With the rest, where the evidence is lacking or compromised by abusive treatment of the prisoners, the US will have to eat crow and let them go free, probably back to the country in which they were seized. The detainee released to Saudi Arabia, who released him only to go back to leadership in the Al Qaida, was a bitter lesson. An amnesty can be given those released with the proviso that any returning to criminal activity in the Al Qaida or terrorist camps will be again incarcerated and given twice the penalties, or even immediate death sentence where proven without a doubt engagement in new terrorist acts.

It should have been handled right in the first place. Setting this to rights now will not be to everyone's satisfaction no matter how it is handled. Putting it back in its proper place in principle will have the least ramifications.


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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On Day One - Message to the New President

by Robert L. Gisel

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Very well done on your excellent campaign win. Being President is not an easy job in any times but you have inherited some very tough crisis situations.

From the top down is the world scene and the tarnished reputation of the US on the global front. While it is important to protect our sovereignty and security we cannot go it alone. Our Nation will make the best progress by supporting the UN and thus partnering in the support of all mankind.

It was this view that in the end resolved some of our land's greatest trials, for instance the Civil Rights Movement ending the huge injustice of segregation.

I urge you to help strengthen the effectiveness of the UN and do so in the name of the UN Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. Human rights violations do not beget responses that violate human rights. Unilateral actions in the international arena has soured attitudes of too many peoples and scorched our reputation as a country of freedom and rights. The mere fact of your election alone has set this on the mend.

The UN does have purpose and structure that can monitor, adjudicate and police man's inhumanities to man, if given due importance and support. Setbacks to security, hunger and climate effect us all.

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is quite sweeping in its scope and ability to heal.

I humbly beseech you to embrace fully a view of furtherance of mankind of all creeds and walks and all other actions will align, as purpose transcends policy.

Vote for the top priority actions of the new President at On Day One.