Saturday, October 17, 2009

Swine Flue Protest Takes to the Streets

by Robert L. Gisel

Can you blame educated health care workers for refusing an untested vaccine shot containing elements that are known to cause severe health issues? Threatening them with being fired should they refuse the vaccination didn't go over too well.

The complaint is one of violation of rights accompanied by full blown protest march with statements like, "this is still America." At least the press is running it and at least they have gotten the message straight.

Among the latest potential side effects to come to light is the possibility of irreversible infertility in both sexes, all age groups, and some deaths in children. The Swine Flue actually turns out to be rather mid and any deaths connected are attributable to some other pre-existing condition of a sometimes fatal nature. Using a potentially deadly serum to treat a non-lethal disease is entirely reverse of the Hippocratic oath.

Refusing the dangerous vaccination is a matter of self defense. Threatening to take away someones job for that defensive action is a violation of human rights for sure. Defending the stance with the Rights to Public Assembly and Freedom of Speech is only appropriate. I'm sorry I missed the march. Let me know when is the next one.

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