Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Too-candid Letter to Obama

by Robert L. Gisel

Really, I do try to stay out of politics. That's hard to do when the consequence of political action denies freedoms and rights. Being required by law to the enslavement of addicting highly narcotic psychiatric drugs sends up red flags on the encroachment of life.

Psychiatric diagnosis means labeling means prescription to addictive psychiatric drugs. I have been prompted to blog after the recent news I have heard for which I must protest. I searched but found no way to email Obama from his website but I was able to email McCain. They looked like friends the way they shook hands after the debate so I ask McCain to pass on my letter thus:

Senator McCain:

I was unable to find any "contact us" or email link to Barack Obama on his official site, but you see him around at debates etc. Would you forward this to him for me?

Dear Senator Obama,

Some news was just passed to me that greatly concerns me. No, it actually alarms me.

It was told to me you are stoutly pro-psychiatry, that you have more pro votes for those cronies and even bills you co-sponsored than any other Senator. Like the Mother's Act that you co-sponsored (thank God that one was defeated) to require psychiatric examination and evaluation after and before pregnancy for post partum or pre-post partum depression.

Is this true? Or even partly true? Just wait until the hockey mom hears about this, that she was that close to being prescribed black box labeled psychiatric drugs at her last delivery.

These drugs are addictive narcotics that rank on the drug classifications tables as more severe than cocaine. Make no mistake about it, the goal is not evaluation: it is addiction to their drugs that the psychiatrists want.

It was even told to me that on two score psychiatric related bills favoring psychiatric misdeeds Senator McCain voted No and you voted Yes.

You are possibly too young to remember Segregation brought to us by psychiatry. What a mess that was for decades!

The entire rationale for that era came from a vote with no scientific evidence by the American Psychiatric Association. This "mental health disease" had no basis in fact, yet it was put on the list of all mental heath diseases, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM), to justify the Segregation Movement.

Brace yourself for burning truth. I'm going to tell you what they named it. "Negroitis". This is NOT A JOKE - it is on the list! This is the rationale that the Segregation laws and support were all based on.

Here is what psychiatrists said "Negroitis" is: it is a "Mental Health Disease" that turns your skin black and you are not cured of it until your skin turns white. Furthermore it could be contagious so blacks must be segregated from whites and not use the same water spigots and public facilities.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

This is not, repeat not, a prank, what I write to you here is documented. The best full documentation of this was an expose some years ago by Freedom Magazine revealing the voting methodology that is the only authority behind the declaration of "mental health diseases". It has nothing to do with scientific clinical testing, which hasn't been done.

It was plainly a huge joke by the American Psychiatric Association and by it Segregation was put into law. Do you think it stopped there, this charade?

Today we have "ADHD" with no clinical test or scientific support. How about "Mathematics Syndrome"? Check your figures - you might have it! Here's your meds prescription.

If you want a good laugh, get the DSM yourself and read it.

Today the APA has proclaimed the intention to put every school kid in America on their psych-drugs. Where do you think the new onslaught of school shootings comes from? This is a published side effect of the now-black-box-labeled narcotic drugs Ritalin, Prosac (the leaders) and others. There is now a whole string of derivatives under different names and all are still as lethal.

Why would the FDA require posting of these warning labels? It 's because the side effects are tendency to violence and increased propensity to suicide. Violence and suicide.

One for one school shootings have been linked to these drugs and psychiatric evaluation. It is a true statistic: the more school kids on these "meds" the more school aged suicides. It is an embracive graph!

Maybe you have been, pardon me for bluntness, ignorant of these facts. Now you know them, if you have read this far in the letter. Really, you're off your rocker to be a friend of psychiatry. I'm sorry, I have to say it like it is.

I had (slightly) considered the idea of voting for you. I have friends who (mistakenly?) want to vote for you. Can you deny these searing rumors, say it isn't so, or denounce psychiatry now?

I must speak out loud and clear against anyone for President who believes any good can come from psychiatry who, by their own admission, has cured no one. Check your facts! And vote the other way.

This pains me. I am so nonpolitical that to now feel compelled to get politically involved and go national with this news is outside my preferences. Act fast I do, however, so I look forward to a rapid response.

Robert L. Gisel

P.S. Senator McCain, thanks for passing this to Obama. If you won't see him soon just read it to the press, he'll get the message. It's okay to publish this. In fact please, please do.

P.P.S. Don't let Sarah see this as she will pit-bull him for real!

So, I publish another outspoken blog post. No doubt the APA would like to label me crazy to shut me up. I will continue to have the courage to say what I observe. If you cherish your life keep it out of the hands of the psychs.

If you agree, or disagree, let me know in your comments here.