Friday, September 11, 2009

This Day In Freedom

by Robert L Gisel

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” - Thomas Jefferson

It's 9/11 today, 8 years since that devastating event that shocked the world. My heart goes out to those who needlessly died that day.

History sometimes repeats itself and the message isn't always easy to take.
Some sort of Machiavellian power politics seems to make it "politically correct" to deceive the public with a cover up of obvious criminal activity and get away with it entirely. Among the most notable of these have been the JFK assassination and the destruction of the Twin Towers.

We saw when Warren Commission tried to force off on the people a "lone assassin theory" and give singular credit to Lee Harvey Oswald. This is bogus, no matter how many were assassinated to protect the lie.

Today we're fed the press line that the 3 towers were downed miraculously by 2 airplanes and the "lone assassin theory" being
Osama Ben Laden and his Al-Qaeda terrorists. That our country is currently embroiled in two wars over this secret collusion is now spilled milk.

Some bad guys seem to have gotten away with murder. The ex-President is in therapy and you won't hear from him for some time to come. The new President has had to dance with damage control but mostly diverts attention to Health Care. After the astonishing run at criminality of the last administration the public are now led to speculating about Obama with all manner of distrustful accusations.

The real criminals get caught up in the end or make crazy mistakes to reveal their true nature. OJ was sentenced more for the murder than the robbery as it was too hokey to "get away with murder", all the while in scurrilous hiding behind the power of celebrity.

Meanwhile the central banking group, who would hope to control everything financial, has been busy behind the scenes crashing the economy as part of a greater plan. Now that Obama has signed away control of our countries monies to the Bank for International Settlements, and more, with the Basil II agreement (2 April, 2009), this doesn't speak well for our new President.

Nevertheless, with all that has transpired and with all the threats to freedom and human rights, the best answer is still the constitutional government of the United States with it's built-in system of checks and balances. We the People can still tell our legislators our disagreements and effect a majority outcome on the Congressional vote.

Not that it isn't a deadly game, as this day in history remembers on September 11, 2001. Over 3000 died, twice as many were injured, not to mention the many killed in the wars justified by 911.

Back in June 1963 JFK signed into action an Executive Order 10101 to allow the US Government to print it's own money bypassing the Federal Reserve. 5 months later he was assassinated on behalf of the Rothschilds, who have a history of assassination of US Presidents to keep a central bank in place. Our history is loaded with stories of devious and destructive Machiavellian activity to forward the super-rich's personal gain.

There are checks and balances to that as well. The neo-cons brag about how much they can do to the People
and get away with because the People let them. Only broad scale complacency, indifference, and majority silence makes that possible. Also blindness, as in the refusal to confront evil.

The climate of freedom in America is deteriorating. The handling is to speak out on any channels one has. Get involved. Run for election, or at least write to your Congressmen and let them know where you stand on the issues that matter. Personal communication from enough people does get their attention as their job depends on your vote. You only have to have the courage to say what you observe. It's your country and planet.

And keep up the faith: American is still the freest country on earth. That we can exercise our Freedom of Speech keeps it so.

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