Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin for VP

by Robert L. Gisel

Governor Palin of Alaska has taken the spotlight as the new kid in town Vice Presidential running mate for John McCain. There is a ton of press on it today but this article summarizes it well, linked below followed by the comment I posted.

This was a clever move by McCain as without this his campaign was destined for the low road. With Palin's reputation this definitely stirs the pot.

The issues aren't the issue, Paris Hilton's politics notwithstanding, as much as is the idea that someone with some moxy could gain position in the White House that would put in ethics on the government crowd. That's so sorely needed as to outweigh everything else, if she only accomplished that.

Her experience isn't the issue either as she has shown she has the learning curve ability to rise to the responsibilities. The plan to enact an ethics bill is a good move that will tend to amnesty the tempest of the widespread corruption she will find in Washington, an otherwise overwhelming prospect, albeit Braveheart that she is.

The question is how will she handle the holdover from the Bush and Cheny corruption of our government as veep. McCain himself has yet to denounce Bush and his high crimes and war crimes listed in the Impeachment Resolution HR 1258 still in the House Judiciary Committee as we speak, not to mention the more confrontable destruction of our country of rights, constitution and fiduciary responsibility. It's a mess and it will take some high confront and on-your-feet clever handling to turn the ship away from the shoals.

For sure it will take all she's got to maintain her integrity, independence and willingness to take on the corrupt and shake up "politics as usual" without herself being compromised. That McCain now comes out with his version of "I have a dream" and claims to have intentions to clean up politics in Washington stretches the credulity. Feasibly Palin could shake him up as well, not too far fetched an idea.

Personally I wouldn't vote for McCain or Obama. Maybe I'll just vote for VP.

As a postscript to this comment, any judgement within the nation or on the world scene is barren without the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights considered as a moderating principle. While Diplomacy and State Security are full bodied subjects on their own the guiding path can never negate the existence of inalienable rights.

Where Palin stated that Ron Paul "is cool, he's very independent" one wonders if she understands it's his adherence to rights that mold that "coolness". All the rest is brilliant application to the existing scene to arrive at pragmatic application of the guiding principle.

Palin displays a lot of potentiality in that regard but has yet to take it all the way home. One can only hope that she will go the distance.

These Public Service Announcements illustrate each of the 30 rights: