Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On Day One - Message to the New President

by Robert L. Gisel

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Very well done on your excellent campaign win. Being President is not an easy job in any times but you have inherited some very tough crisis situations.

From the top down is the world scene and the tarnished reputation of the US on the global front. While it is important to protect our sovereignty and security we cannot go it alone. Our Nation will make the best progress by supporting the UN and thus partnering in the support of all mankind.

It was this view that in the end resolved some of our land's greatest trials, for instance the Civil Rights Movement ending the huge injustice of segregation.

I urge you to help strengthen the effectiveness of the UN and do so in the name of the UN Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. Human rights violations do not beget responses that violate human rights. Unilateral actions in the international arena has soured attitudes of too many peoples and scorched our reputation as a country of freedom and rights. The mere fact of your election alone has set this on the mend.

The UN does have purpose and structure that can monitor, adjudicate and police man's inhumanities to man, if given due importance and support. Setbacks to security, hunger and climate effect us all.

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is quite sweeping in its scope and ability to heal.

I humbly beseech you to embrace fully a view of furtherance of mankind of all creeds and walks and all other actions will align, as purpose transcends policy.

Vote for the top priority actions of the new President at On Day One.

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