Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Right to Eat Natural Is Under Attack

by Robert L. Gisel

Here's a new one, our government wants to take away, in one fell swoop, our rights and freedoms to eat the foods we want to.

The HR 2749, passed through the House in a rushed and quiet move, will effectively destroy organic, natural and home farming foods industry in America and set up the FDA with the over-the-top enforcement powers to institutionalize all our foods.

A petition is being circulated by the Natural Foods Foundation to keep the Senate from passing the bill and I encourage you to sign it and forward the link to as many others as you can. We only have the 3 weeks of their recess to make a point with the Senators, assuming no special session is called.

Look at this scenario painted by the Natural Solutions Foundation as to the inevitable outcome of the so called Food Safety Act if passed as is stands:

"Example: imagine Joel Salatin's wonderful organic farm under the direction of the USDA, with detailed instructions on what he must feed and when, how he must medically "treat" his animals and with what, what he must "spray" and when, ... you get the picture. These bills will industrialize all farms and insure the farmers are forced to buy chemicals and drugs. Organic is dead. As well as human control over the food supply. As well as health."

The bill as written would harass to death all the smaller farms, particularly the ones that provide foods that don't poison us, by a bureaucratic regulatory enforcement nightmare with huge fines and jail terms for misdemeanor infractions of new fascist (rule by government force) rules.

Contemporary times and past history tell us that any bill being quietly rushed through Congress, so fast it is assured it hasn't even been read by the Congressmen is destined to wreak dire effects and perpetrate an ominous purpose. E.g., the PATRIOTS ACT and The Federal Reserve Act to note a couple of the most famous of such events.

Just as the financial crisis was engineered deliberately from the top to force an acceptance of the control of all world's finances by the private central bankers this you can be assured HR 2749 has a secret agenda attached to it. What that is has yet to be seen, but it may very well have something to do with the FEMA camps.

Remember that the tomato salmonella scare was completely false; that the were any actual cases of salmonella is questionable but for sure, by their own admission, FDA pulled tons of tomatoes off the shelves when they were arbitrarily declared the source. Later they said maybe it was the jalapenos instead. It was genuine incompetence or intentional destruction, take your pick.

Same with the swine flu "epidemic". Does anyone know any single person who actually had swine flue? Now FDA wants to force all Americans top get the (untested) swine flue vaccinations. It was just an operation run by the FDA all along.

Their plan could roll out like this:

1) Destroy the pesky organic, natural foods and home farmers, by concerted bureaucratic encumbrances and harassment,

2) Deepen the economic crisis by putting another sector out of business while manufacturing criminal charges against organic foods farmers,

3) Use the false premises to gain full control by the FDA of all food industry production making all producers produce the same, with overwhelming penalties if they don't,

4) FDA issues some false epidemic scare such as the salmonella or Swine Flu scare,

5) In an alarmist flurry of false media publicity proclaiming a raging epidemic Big Pharma gets rich on bogus flue shots,

6) Claims of public panic result in activating the FEMA acts and martial law,

7) With the FEMA Act invoked whole populations (dissenters) get rounded up "for public safety" and are interned in the FEMA (concentration) camps.

You can use your imagination after that but walk with your eyes wide open. The sequence from this in Nazi Germany legalized euthanasia followed by genocide. A number of the FEMA camps do have large ovens set up utilizable as crematories.

Whether my fears in 1-7 are justified this is for sure, the Senate must not pass HR 2749 Food Safety Act as written so we do not end up with no choices but food bad enough to choke a horse.

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