Saturday, October 24, 2009

A People-Speak to Capital Hill

by Robert L. Gisel

No doubt you have heard me saying the voice of even one person will be heard. Here is the voice of one person that will be heard very widely and can't be stopped. She writes "an open letter to our nation's leadership".

The historical rampage of Bush provokes incensed reactions. Now it is seen that Obama is simply continuing his program of destruction of America. As in a rubber band the People can be maligned only so far before they snap back.

There isn't much I would add to or change in this open letter. The immigration point, however, her first point, I would modify significantly. I happen to know of some good family people tragically caught up in the inequity of some bad failures of the INS system.

Around 14 million aliens in the US are caught up out-of-status, most in contributing production for the country, albeit quietly so as to not be noticed. Mass deportation or any other than an amnesty would likely cause more unnecessary destruction and disruption of production than what good is intended. Without a case by case review determining rightness injustices will occur. The numbers in the millions alone may prohibit fairness, thus an amnesty sets the tables straight with the least confusion.

These illegals are not, in the main, the stereotyped picture as forwarded - persons who were smuggled across the border in the night. Most of the illegals have gone out of status on expired visas when they couldn't get out or during circumstances preventing proper handling. A great number of these have been here many, many years and are now an integral part of our economy and social fabric.

The idea that these illegals are all born of human trafficking and illegal smuggling across the country line from Mexico has been falsely promoted to justify erecting the American version of the Berlin Wall lining the border against our neighbors. Is that to keep them out or us in? While there has been much attention and publicity on the illegal trafficking I suspect it is a lessor percentage of the illegals.

The Freedoms of Movement, Right to Public Hearing, Presumption of Innocence, these things apply to peoples no matter what side of the border they are found. America is still an exceptional nation of freedom known as the melting pot where humanity of all walks come together and live in harmony, "with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood' - Article 1 of the Universal Declaration.

But this has almost become a blog post of a different color. President Barack Obama, unfortunately, is a politician and not a humanitarian, and that could cost him his job. The open letter is very sanely put and expresses well the whole gamut of what the People have been objecting to. We are not stupid and we are well aware of what is going on.

And yes, it has reached the point of saying as a whole, "Enough, no more."

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