Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ballad to the Ode of a President

This chilling music video from Pink recalls the tumultuous protest times of the 70's. While songs have historically always been a venue for political activists that we see more and more of this indicates how far off the mark our nation's leaders have gone.

Remember Jimmy Hendricks, Simon and Garfield, The BeeGees, the Doors and so many others? There were the marches in the street, the war protests and the unforgettable Woodstock. And earlier when John Kennedy came and was shot for refusing to step in line to the swift boat politic of his time.

In today's meltdown economy the President wants to sign a $700 billion check to bail out criminally irresponsible banking institutions, not for the people evidently, but for sure at the cost of the taxpayer. This from the same President who through deception and lies committed the nation to 2 preemptive wars, neither of which we can we win nor walk away from, shades of Vietnam.

Who is served by this? Or this more burning question, who profits from this?

One wonders if this shattered nation will soon recover from the debacle or is this the fall of the Roman Empire? God help us if McCain (Bush in practice) gets in as President as the next 4 years could push the crippled nation beyond the point of no return and destroy the country forever.

It isn't even Bush or McCain or Obama, whatever Administration follows next, it's the super rich above them who feel they are who is really running the world on their hidden agendas and obscene wealth. So try as we will at the polls it will not be enough to stem the cancer.

Music, however, leads a culture, in fact, the works of all artists herald the dreams of a culture. It is a way to speak up in an effective voice without getting put on the President's terrorist watch list. Music is heard. Perhaps others will follow suit with song like Pink's Dear Mr. President and add support to the message: enough already. It is sorely needed.

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