Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Did We Know, Or Did We?

by Robert L. Gisel

 The above image is among what is known as early signs prior to the WTC attacks. It is the cover of the DOJ Counter-Terrorism Manual in use months before 9/11. True, there had been a foiled attempt years earlier to bomb the Towers, but notice that the sights on the Tower in the picture center on the very spot the plane punctured the building. Random coincidence? What are the odds? Evidences of another explanation have been completely overlooked.

 Get this lead line:

On November 9, 2001 Osama bin Laden Tells a Saudi Sheik That Unknowing al-Qaeda Members Had Dreams & Visions Forecasting the September 11 Attacks.
 This line about "dreams and visions" is, technically speaking, a reliable detection indicator of the possible presence of Pain, Drug, Hypnosis (PDH), as used by the CIA since the MK Ultra program. Bin Laden had been a CIA cooperative from as far back as when they needed him and his followers to push the Russians out of Afghanistan. PDH has been long used by CIA counter-intelligence activities to foment crimes, assassinations and other destructive acts, that were covered up by embedded commands not to remember.

 Dreams, visions, visitations in the night, these can be present to an awake individual even when PDH incidents are submerged under the influence of drugs and hypnotic command. You would have to be alert for this to uncover a suspected PDH that would otherwise go unnoticed.

 The practice of compelling action by Pain, Drugs and Hypnosis is not new. It traces back as far as the 11th Century when zealot assassins of Hassan-i Sabbah were drugged with hashish and led to a staged "dream" incident of being entertained by a harem of beauties. Sabbah implied himself a profit or sacred leader, and only by following him would they be able to find their way back to this "heaven". In this way he could get them to do his bidding as assassins.

 Some very  involved counter-intelligence operations have been assisted by the use of PDH. Witness the crazed assassination of Bobby Kennedy. Details clearly showed symptoms of PDH in the assassin. We know the Who and the Why in the greater picture, but this avenue of the How has not been been pursued in that investigation. Restraints might be placed on the use of one of the devout secret tools of espionage if the truth were known.

 Abundant evidence illustrates it was impossible for Bin Laden and the al-Qaeda to have pulled off the catastrophic but tidy destruction of three sky scrapers on September 11, 2001, without much highly technical help. There is undeniable evidence of prior knowledge by concerned government and private individuals in the US. These things are not random coincidence. Someone was running a complex but crazy operation. Hidden recruitment by PDH is not an unreasonable assumption.

 The oddity that stands out is that Bin Laden, psychotic on his own, nevertheless got all the credit, and blame, and became the object of intense international pursuit yet ran free for a decade. It was convenient having him as the poster child for terrorism to justify two wars, excuse sweeping advances of the police state in the US, and set the stage for ten years of profiteering by the military industrial establishment. One is left with the feeling he was a dupe, shades of  Lee Harvey Oswald, who, as you may recall, was conveniently assassinated when he was ready to talk.

 There has been sufficient insanity on this planet to evidence that it doesn't take mind control techniques shades of MK Ultra to rear the head of psychosis in bizarre acts. That PDH techniques have been in vogue in the intelligence community raises some reasonable questions. We are not talking conspiracy theories here, this is following a string of empirical knowledge to the forefront.

  However this went down, the complete collapse of the WTC Towers and the essentially untouched Building 7, we may never know for sure. The party line we have been fed is no doubt quite apart from the real intrigues that played out in the highest power circles. This, for me, is more than an idle hobby. Making sense of, and speaking out on, these mysteries may have survival value, lest the police state sink any further into the despotic tyranny our War of Independence was fought to attain freedom from.

 There has been enough insanity on this planet to know it does take mind control techniques shades of MK Ultra to vent a psychotic head. That PDH techniques have been in vogue in the intelligence community raises some interesting questions. We're not talking conspiracy theories here, this is following empiric knowledge to the forefront.

 This writer has long suspected the possibility of an operation by PDH, but this is the first reliable indicator that has come to my attention. In the surrounding circumstances of 9/11 the outpoints are so numerous, the illogical aspects are so telling, that the authoritarian story holds substance like a sieve. The supposition of possible dupes by PDH is a viewpoint not advanced in other commentaries, but this could meaningfully connect the dots. It should be explored with investigative reporting by someone resourceful and connected enough to dig in.


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