Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Intelligence or Counter-Intelligence?

by Robert L. Gisel

Evidently slanderous intelligence makes its way into Bob Woodward's new book "Obama Wars":

'It also reports that the U.S. has intelligence showing that manic-depression has been diagnosed in Afghan President Hamid Karzai and that he was on medication.

'In Kabul, Waheed Omar, Karzai's spokesman, said those allegations were untrue.

' "This is a baseless, inflammatory comment that has its roots in a defaming propaganda campaign against President Karzai's personal integrity, leadership and his stances on matters of Afghan national interests," he said Wednesday. "The president is safe and sound. I can confirm that he takes no medication." '

At best it is a contrary fact, if not counter-intelligence. No doubt Karzai knows enough America's dirty secrets regarding the Afghan war that he could be a threat to the US partisan interests if they fail to subjugate him as a dupe ally. Makes one wonder how much he knows of Bush's degenerate 911 domino fall.

From Chinese spy tech comes the "dead agent". A secret agent who tells lies to the enemy is dead if he is found out. Seeding misinformation is stock in trade for the spy business which lives by intrigues, cabals and subterfuges. In the end US crashed the party in Afghanistan in pursuit of Osama bin Laden, who is far from "a sole gunman" in this affair.

But hey, got to protect those poppy fields, the CIA must have it's financial fix. (Not slander as it is known data that CIA traffics drugs. It's only "coincidence" that the largest drug producing poppy crop in the world is in Afghanistan.)

The truth needs a better council.

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