Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Intelligence Subterfuge?

by Robert L. Gisel

Cabal and and deception, intrigues upon intrigues upon intrigues. These make for a good Hollywood action movie, but in real life these are deliberate provocations of honest people of good will. The later forms by far the greatest number and it's for them the protections of the Bill of Rights is intended.

Hollywood aside, a string of apparently live events have occurred and it's time to connect the dots.

First off, a disclaimer: media from the press to junk tabloids are all too often peppered with manufactured stories. A statue on Mars of Elvis Presley emitting the music "Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes" was "found by the Mars Explorer" according to one gossip rag. Sometimes they get quite imaginative. You have to be alert for misinformation or even complete baldfaced lies.

On the other hand are whole events that delude. Current events can be falsely PRed, featured in series, singled out as "talking points", etc. This can present a very wrong subliminal or delusional message.

Intelligence agencies likewise are very creative in staging illusions within illusions. In the way that one perceives the subtext in a film as it plays out one can also read the subtexts of political manipulations of a society, if you know what to look for. It is an interesting hobby of mine to read the subliminal messages to pull back the string on who is doing what in their misguided belief of invisibility or brazen pretense of invincibility.

Intelligence agencies run their operations, presumably against the enemy. A sick aspect of our own US agencies is that they will sometimes run an operation against our own in order to popularize some shocking political moves. Jonestown was one of these, an elaborate CIA operation against a not-so-usual religious group.

The Jonestown story makeover turned a possibly fine religious group (some of those interviewed seemed normal and rational people) wanting seclusion from malevelant interventions over into an illusion of kooky religious cult. The political message? Stay away from new era religious movements, other religions are bad.

The full text reveals a CIA operation with CIA gunmen in the jungle shooting down anyone who tried to flee having survived past the hidden poison in their drinks. And Jone's body was never found. Sounds like an intense Hollywood action flick, except it was a very real CIA operation. Now that's intense.

The "press" at the time, before the truth came out about Jonestown, basically sent warning against participating in so-called cult activities, or religious freedoms.

When another fatal government fiasco was unleashed in Waco, Texas, the inept handling of which was just too hoaky. The picture painted was of the Davidians as a kooky cult. Afterwards survivors interviewed seemed to be grounded mainstream Americans. Religious Freedom and the Bill of Rights majorly went by the boards and would seem to answer, what for?

In the wake of the incident fact checking revealed supposed reasons why lacked substance; a lot of undocumented rumor and prejudicial discrimination. It was empty support for a full-on police-siege, military onslaught against over a hundred citizens in a religious retreat.

The question to ask is, what prompted the pre-planning of such an operation in the first place?

The media message, it would seem, was that if you are a religious group not of the good ol' boys then you will die. That's sick.

Acts like this don't just happen. They are caused. Someone is doing it.

Incitement to riot, for instance, doesn't originate with common folk, even those with dissentious grievances born of social injustices. It has been found to be the act of agents provocateurs. Evidence the violent apartheid riots in South Africa.

Where any violence erupts you will find someone secretly behind it with selective lies to both sides. When you have certainty of this little known fact the picture emerges quite differently. Riots are more often deliberated by agents provocateurs who have something to gain politically.

Look at some lies behind the "Islamic radicals". The enturbulated scene would appear to justify $billions support for 2 preempted wars, sweeping laws that encroach on Human Rights and misdirects attention from the real perpetrators of the fatal actions of September 11, 2001. So it is important to view the truth.

Only bullies and thugs, by far a minor minority, go far out of their way to get into fights.

Obscure lines in the Koran are being used to incite a minority Muslim faction to violent religious fanaticism. This is not the view held by the mainstream majority Muslims. Therefore those lines by themselves are not enough. It takes someones cabal covertly directed so as to stir up warring dissension. It can easily be assumed some agents provocateurs stir up the fringe group and provoke them into antagonistically violent activities.

Osama Bin Laden, before he became the much sought target for the World Trade Towers destruction, was a CIA cooperative. This, when it served him to get the USSR out of his backyard. No doubt his actual impetus in the incident is as laden with subterfuge as the Party Line re 911 forwarded to US citizens through the press and the mouths of the Bush cabal.

Since 911, the US conspirators of the controlled demolitions have branded the whisleblowers as "conspiracy theorists" selected for unconstitutional recriminations under the Homeland Security Act. It was flaunted as a game among the Bush Administration how much they could get away with, how much the people would put up with. Their gall has not gone unnoticed.

Subtext oozes from covert operations. It is laughable how easily the truth so arduously hidden can be discovered.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the Times Square attempt, now say it wasn't them but they applaud the act nevertheless. Someone trained the amateur bomber on explosives in Pakistan. It was very poor training, or designed-to-fail training, as he muffed the bombing. He is simply an incompetent would-be bomber or it was intended he fail.

It appears on cursory examination some other group than the Taliban and Al' Quaida was manipulating the activity. First suspect should the Pakistani group "Deccan Mujahideen" that claimed responsibility for the Mumbai attacks in 2008. They are genus the Pakistani radical group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The organized attacks in Mumbai were too professionally executed to be a cell terrorist group. Indications are this was a group made-to-order for a counter-intelligence operation against one's own to create alarm for political advantage.

The Lashkar-e-Taiba was formed by Pakistani government, something they fervently deny, to run covert operations against unwanted Indian citizens resident in Pakistan. They later disbanded the group. It reincarnated as a new group, the Deccan Mujahideen, for the operation in Mumbai.

This has similarities to the kidnapping and beheading of Reporter Daniel Pearl by the “The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty", first heard of with this incident. US intelligence agencies suspect this group as tied to, guess who. The Pakistan Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence. It could assumed this was another reincarnation of the Lashkar-e-Taiba. It is all too convenient.

Usually you will find me very tolerant of peoples, quite willing to grant beingness and give little consideration to their faults. When it comes to comes to actions by degraded military, intelligence and deceiving governmental activities my security red flags light up like a Christmas tree. Says there's a rat in the woodpile.

Very possibly some better investigative reporters than me will verify the suspicion of covert operations. My intent here is to give a head's up that all may not be not as meets the eye and invite further search into the subject.


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