Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Impact on Freedom

by Robert L. Gisel

One of the comments on a blog article regarding the passage of the Health Care Bill makes a statement to the point of the impact on Freedom:

"Let's think about rights. Doesn't it bother you the government will now force you to buy health insurance? It seems to me that any time I'm "forced" to do something, I'm giving up my rights. In this case, I've lost my right to NOT spend my money on health insurance if that's what I choose to do."

It's true. Any governmental action is enforcement, for that matter. The whole Health Care Bill is about governmental choices like we couldn't make them for ourselves. To be enforced by the gun of the police state.

A free and benevolent society would be a generous and charitable one, naturally, as people are basically good and will in the end rise above the base and the criminal and take care of it's own. The bickering and infighting of Congress scraping for their powerful special interests sets no good social example of this. But then, that has been the nature of governments long before the Senates of Rome and other nations that succumbed to degenerative human weaknesses.

The last truly free nation in the world cannot turn out it's lights of Freedom as too many peoples around the globe look up to us for leadership. It only plays into the hands of psychotic enemies who bring a great nation to its knees, as evil will inevitably connive.

A one foot high stack of catch-all Bill has to now be repealed painstakingly section by section. Hopefully our wherewithal to sustain will not be completely destroyed before we muster the strength to regain our freedoms.

Added Note: See some solutions proposed by Ron Paul and Dr. Mercola in this article and Dr Mercola's comments: Ill-Fated Health Care Reform is One Step Closer to Becoming Reality: Your Help is Urgently Needed.


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