Sunday, June 22, 2008

Re Article "Bush Should Get A Life"

An article belaboring the petty quibbling between Obama and McCain demanded a comment and it is an important enough point that I reprint it here:

Have you examined why the Bush popularity has dropped to 29% domestically (if not even less by now), even lower overseas? The American people are intelligent enough to know when an operation is being run on them. The administration's black propaganda campaign based on lies and deceipt is something honest American people want nothing to do with.

Bear in mind the potentially biggest event of the year is evidently being swept under the carpet by the Bush-domineered press: the Bush Impeachment Resolution that passed in the House last week 166 nay to 251 in favor, HR 1258. Some of the 35 charges are token but the main ones are enough to indict him on criminal charges for war crimes and international crimes against the Geneva Convention. You'd think this would be major headlines daily.

The broadly known public data is enough to impeach them let alone what would be found by undercovering a bit more evidence. Plus there is a whole set of accessory (minimally) to crimes against humanity if not outright commissions more closely surrounding the events of Sept 11, 2001 that readily could be charged. That these are not even addressed on the impeachment bill but could easily be is an oversight. It appears the resolution may be allowed to stand as no more than a warning shot. Nixon was successfully impeached on 1/10th of the issues Bush needs to account for.

Like the American Gangster Bush and Cheny and their lieutenants stand there with a smoking gun confident there isn't anyone around with enough guts to call a crime a crime and enforce it. Bush and Cheny are just blatantly over the top in malfeasance.

If we ever needed the Minute Men who didn't hesitate to drop their dinner forks and run out the door with their muskets to face the Britsh without fear for their lives we need them now. Those brave Freedom Fighters whose courage and integrity gave us what freedom we have today. As individuals we need to speak out for action, right now.

Instead we have a cocaine snorting rich kid now in the White House who knows he can get away with murder because his wealthy family is well connected and the people he swore to serve are so complacent he can get away with war crimes because no one will face him and say "Punk, you may be wondering if I fired 6 bullets or 5... do you feel lucky?"

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